It will make your life much easier if you do your sales session already knowing where you want to hang your prints and canvases. This might sound a bit obvious to you, and you could be thinking, well duh! but when it comes to ordering prints, this is a helpful reminder. Not only will this help you during the decision making process, it will also help during the actual photo session itself. Let us explain.

The Photo Session

If you are doing a family portrait, it can be very useful if you know where in your house you want to put it, which wall, and what color that wall is. Perhaps your house has rooms of different colors. Maybe you can coordinate your clothing (which we talked about in an earlier post) with the color scheme of the room, so that it all compliments each other. Perhaps your house is decorated in a very modern, sleek way. If so, you might not want a background that is rustic and natural.

The Sales Session

Second, the sales and ordering session. Let’s say that you came to the session a couple of weeks ago and you did your portraits. You know you want to hang a family portrait on your living room wall, over your fireplace. When it comes time to place your order, it would be really helpful to know how big the space is where you are going to put the picture. Have you ever seen an 8 x 10 hanging over a fireplace? It looks ridiculous. Perhaps a 20 x 30 would be more appropriate. It might sound big, but if you have a huge, empty wall and a big mantle, it’s not going to look that large.

It’s really important that you remember the scale of things. If you live in studio apartment with only 10 square feet of wall space, maybe a 40 x 60 print isn’t the best choice. But if you live in a large house, then it might be perfect. So, before you start your sales and ordering session, take a moment to make a plan. Write down what spaces you are looking to use and roughly how big they are. There is no shame in having notes, so that you leave the session with your mind sure that you made the right decisions. Buyers remorse is no fun for anyone!

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