Have you ever seen a giraffe or swan with a double chin? Think about it and let me know…I’ll wait. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that no, you haven’t. Why is that? Probably the lack of cheese, fast food and carbs in their diets. That and they have long, long necks. Why is this relevant to your double chin trouble? Chances are, if you have ever been around us when we are photographing a session, you will hear us will tell the people in the photo to try to stretch their necks a bit (I tend to say “gazelle your neck”) which will help alleviate the double chin.

Another thing we say is to bring your chin forward and down, just a tiny bit. This will also help hide any double chin issues you think you have. Go ahead and try it. Practice in the mirror and see how you like the outcome. As they say, practice makes perfect. I hope I see lots of people out in public gazelling their necks!!

Most peoples automatic reaction is to lift their heads up, but in a photo that can really look weird. No one wants to see a portrait of the inside of your nose, or an image of you where you look like you are trying to be supreme ruler over all the people in the land. It can also make you look like a gangster in a 90’s movie.

So remember, channel your inner giraffe, swan, gazelle or any other animal that has a long neck and also remember to bring your chin down and forward just a little bit. If all else fails, just remember that everyone has a double chin, some people just have to work harder to get theirs to show.

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