As the image says we are having a Senior Day Out event for local area high school Seniors, Class of 2017. We hope to meet new people and have a great time. This will all happen this Saturday, July 16 from 11 am – 2 pm at West Monroe’s Kiroli Park Garden Pavilion. The pavilion is located just past the entrance on the right hand side.

There is free entry into the park for the 1st 28 people, after that there is a $1 charge at the gate. Tell them you are there for the Senior day. We wanted to have this event to give seniors a little break from their busy schedules, get out, meet other seniors and have fun. We are going to have games, prizes, and what all teenagers like…FOOD!

All 2017 high school seniors are welcome to our day out, as well as their friends and family. We hope to see a big turnout and we look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.