So, every month we make it a point to go on a road trip to a new location. We blindly pick our destination and hit the road. In March, we only had a part of a day to explore, as work schedules just got in the way. So, luckily we picked something close to Tampa.
We hit the road in the afternoon and headed to the not real big town of Ruskin. We really have no idea how big the town is, or what the population is but we did find a couple of interesting things to look at. Unfortunately, because of how late we had to leave, we weren’t able to see everything (the park was closed) but we did check out a couple of places and had a pretty good dinner.

We went by the firehouse cultural center and an odd looking roundish building that had all kinds of paintings on the outside. Then we went to Popi’s and tried their Monte Cristo sandwiches. Overall, it was a nice couple of hours, but we will probably need to go back and see the stuff we didn’t get to see. Until that time, we can at least say “Ruskin? Yup, we’ve been there!”