Morgan is 8. She is a dark haired, beautiful little girl here in Florida. She has a loving family, including a 5 year old brother. Unfortunately, she also has inoperable, in-curable, terminal brain cancer. Morgan was diagnosed with DIPG, which, as her mom describes it, is brain cancer that is more like string cheese then a solid tumor.

We met Morgan when we were contacted by Quiet Strength, a non-profit based out of California. Quiet Strength partners with photographers to give families who are dealing with childhood cancers a chance to have their photos taken. Photographers donate their time and skills to these families and work to give them amazing portraits of their children, who may not be with them much longer.
Our day with Morgan was amazing. Her favorite color is purple, so her mom picked out a dress with lots of purple in it and we found some beautiful purple flowers for her hair and some for her portraits. Morgan’s mom wanted her hair to look nice, so we found a student at a local beauty college who was willing to donate her time and skills to Morgan and her family. A big thank you to Laneice for her help!

Despite what Morgan is going through, she smiled, seemed happy and did her very best to help us get her portraits. She never complained and even when you could see that she was getting tired, she continued to smile. If you would like to learn more about Morgan by following her story or if you can help her and her family, please find her on her Facebook page Morgan’s Journey (link is below). Her, and kids like her, so desperately need a miracle.
Morgan’s Facebook Page