Photography isn’t brain surgery. It’s detailed and can be complicated, don’t get me wrong, but its not literally life saving and you don’t have to go to school for years and years to be able to do it. So our advice to you is to relax, have a good time and enjoy your portrait session! Whether it be your headshot, dating profile pics, engagement portraits or your wedding day, there is no reason to be nervous or have anxiety. If you smile weird or close your eyes, we can retake the photo. It’s even digital these days, so we can check it and take another one immediately.

Remember, your images will come out way better if you are relaxed, happy and having fun. If you aren’t, you will look stiff, uncomfortable and miserable and you will end up not liking how you look in the photos. Part of the reason we do a consultation prior to your session is because we want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you a bit. We feel like this will help you be relaxed and comfortable while your session is happening.

So remember, have fun, enjoy your session and don’t sweat the small stuff. If you do feel nervous or anxious, talk with your photographer about it and take a few minutes to relax. Your photographer will understand, and if they don’t, perhaps find a different one!