So, we have talked in the past about how to dress for your portrait session. We have told you about color choice, being matchy-matchy, prints and logos and all other things clothing. Except for this tip, and it’s VERY important. When you and the other people in your photos are discussing outfits, or getting dressed, please, please, please dress on the same level. In other words, if one of you is dressed up, you should all be dressed up. If one of you is dressed super casual, you should all be super casual. Oh, and by the way, even though the image says for “groups” this applies to any portrait with more than 1 person.

But why?

Truthfully, it is only to help make your portraits the best they can be. Do you really want your photo to look like you pulled people off the sidewalk to be in it with you? Or like one of you is going to the opera while everyone else is watching football on the couch? In order to look like a cohesive group, you all need to look like you belong together.

In conclusion

So, when planning outfits, keep in mind of how other people in your photos like to dress and what they wear and plan something that you can all be comfortable in, but also that you can look cohesive in. If you’re a casual bunch, then awesome, do casual. If you’re more formal, then dress more formally. But please, don’t everyone get dressed up then let 1 person be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Otherwise, that person is going to look out of place and it will mess up your portrait.

Bonus Tip

As a little extra bonus thing to remember…match your hair do for the day with the dressiness of your outfit. Don’t go big fancy hair for a t-shirt or a messy, didn’t brush my hair today bun with a sleek and formal dress.

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