Last week we discussed the importance of what you wear during your photo session. This week, we want to touch on something a bit more specifically. That something is big patterns and logos. Obviously, when you look at fashion magazines and commercials, you will see models, actors and regular people wearing clothes that have large patterns and/or logos and thats ok. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t wear them in your regular, every day life. However, for portraits, we do encourage people to avoid them most of the time. Let me explain why.

First, let’s talk about patterns.

When I think of big patterns, Hawaiian shirts or dresses with large flowers or floral print come to mind. The problem with patterns is that in a group, if you have multiple patterns coming together, it can be very overwhelming for the viewer of the photos. Patterns can be distracting and pull the viewers eye away from your face or the subject of the photo.

Now, let’s discuss logos.

We have all had an article of clothing with words or logos on it. From swooshes to stripes, letters, flags and other things that make up a companies logo, we have all owned an item of clothing where they were displayed. The issue with logos is this…they can really date your photo. Remember back to a time when a company was hugely popular and “trending” but is no longer everywhere. When you look at any photos that have those logos, you can tell when they were taken. Logos date your images, and can take what would otherwise be a classic portrait and turn it into a thing of yesteryear.

At the end of the day, photographers can only make recommendations. It’s really your choice what you decide to wear, but we do want to at least try to guide you into a direction that you will be happy with down the line. We would be happy to help you find the perfect clothes for your next session!

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