It’s amazing how kind we can be to others, but when it come to ourselves, we are harsh, mean and downright ugly at times. Have you ever told a friend, your kids or a family member how beautiful, amazing, talented, incredible, pretty, fun, smart or wonderful they are? Now think back to when you told yourself that. Has it been awhile? Have you EVER told yourself any of those things? You should, and not just once, but regularly. If you don’t believe it about yourself, then fake it until you do. Remember, what you put out in the universe will come back to you, and if you say good things about yourself enough, you will start to believe it.

So you’re probably wondering why this is even included in a photography blog, but trust us, it’s super relevant. How many times have you avoided pictures of yourself, either alone, with your kids or family or in a group of friends? Why are you doing that? Is it because you think you need to lose weight? Your hair isn’t done? You don’t have on makeup? Believe me when I tell you that those things aren’t the most important thing about you. People aren’t going to remember how much you weighed, they will just know that you were there. They aren’t going to judge you for not wearing make-up, they will just laugh at how much fun you all had that one time.

So please everyone, be kind to yourself and get in those pictures! Know that you are wonderful and beautiful and handsome and amazing and totally worth it. Don’t let negative thoughts tell you otherwise.

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