Jess&Tony_14Hello and welcome to Dark Light Portrait Studios! We are Jess and Tony; Tampa, FL based portrait, event and wedding photographers. We met in Massachusetts at Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2006. Since graduating we have traveled on our own paths learning and gaining valuable experience in various areas of photography. During that time we have lived in the same state as well as apart, and sporadically would go on photo expeditions throughout the country. In 2014, Jess moved to Monroe, LA, where Tony was living and started Dark Light Portrait Studios. We went through a lot of trial and error and learned a ton of stuff that we thought we knew, then realized we didn’t. In April 2017, we decided to head to the beach, and moved to Tampa, FL. Tony is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His background involves graphic design, commercial art and photography. He has assisted many photographers from ad agencies and freelancers before going out on his own. Tony enjoys horror movies, pie, listening to various types of music and art galleries. Jess is originally from Danville, Vermont. She has had various careers, including teaching ESL overseas, waiting tables, and working in psych hospitals before deciding to pursue photography. Since graduation she has worked for a few studios and advertising agencies and has assisted many photographers before working for herself. Jess enjoys traveling, funny movies, brownies and all types of music. Together, we have a ton of experience, both in photography and in life. We bring knowledge, a friendly attitude, creativity and compassion to all our portrait sessions and truly want you to have an amazing experience.